Lucy Doll


Fancy sitting in a room by yourself in a haunted location, blind folded? Don’t worry Lucy will keep you company!

Now and then people reach out for my help as they believe they are living in a haunted house. Most of the time I only need to provide advice over the phone, and on extremely rare occasions my attendance might be required.


In early 2018, whilst relaxing at home one evening, my phone rang.  It was a call from a lady who lives in Hampshire and was desperate for my help (on her request her identity remains hidden). After a lengthy telephone conversation, I started to think this might be one of those cases I needed to attend. I asked her to log the activity and report back to me.  


After a period of time, and as suspected, the activity had increased, and I knew I needed to attend as soon as possible. I visited the property the same week, to get a feel for it, to see how bad the reported activity was, and to help understand what help was needed. In my opinion, the moment I step over the threshold of any haunted location, spirits are aware of my intent, so I wasn’t expecting to see or hear any activity at all.  


My client started to show me around her property starting with the upstairs, where she experiences most of the activity. As we entered one of the bedrooms, she began to explain what she experiences in that room, “It sounds like the beds are being dragged across the floor, banging against the walls. Another time, it sounded like someone had lifted the beds and dropped them from a height, crashing back down hitting the floor hard. But when I came to check it out, nothing had moved, and nothing was out of place. As I’m standing there listening, the lights in the room started to flicker, apparently the lights had never done that before. We then proceeded into another bedroom. “In here,” my client says. “In here I can feel someone leaning in my face when I'm trying to sleep, and I pray to god they will go away. I used to read in bed before I went to sleep but I keep getting distracted by seeing dark shadows moving out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn to look I never see anything, Debs honest to god I think I am going mad.”


My client continues to take me to each room explaining the different types of activity she experiences. “And in this room,” she points to a doll she has named Lucy. “I swear that doll is haunted.” I asked why she thought that. “I’ve lived in this house for over 30 years and never experienced anything like this and I don’t believe in ghosts. Last year I asked my son to re-do my bathroom for me as I don’t like my bath where it is. I wanted it moved, he had to lift up the floorboards to get to the pipes and he saw a plastic bag. Thinking it was rubbish he pulled it out but realised it had something in it,” my client started laughing, “he thought he found of bag of hidden cash but inside was that doll, it wasn’t long after that, that things started to happen. My kids think I'm mad because I’ve said to them before now, 'I’m sure I didn’t leave that doll there!' ”


Just before I left, I explained to my client that I will return with my team to help and reassured her she wasn’t going mad and not to worry as it will only make things worse. What my client was unaware of at the time was that whilst she was showing me around, I saw movement, shadows walking through the hallway out of the corner of my eye, and kept hearing a lady’s faint voice talking and all from inside the same room the doll named Lucy was in.  


Shortly after, I returned to the property with my team and we dealt with the unsettling activity. It did kick off a little towards the end. Crashes and bangs could be heard in the front room from the other side of the door; the door started to vibrate and shake so aggressively that flakes of paint started to fall away from the door frame. The door handle started to shake and move as if someone was desperately trying to open the door from the other side. We took a deep breath and as we opened the door we were confronted by a dark mass and sudden gust of energy which pushed past us and raced upstairs. I followed the dark mass upstairs as I suspected there was a portal in the same room the doll was in and this was where the spirit was heading. Once I was convinced the spirit had left, I went downstairs. “Cup of tea anyone?” We went to the kitchen to find every single cabinet door and draw open. I find it hard to believe that a spirit would deliberately walk around a kitchen opening cabinet doors; my belief is that a sudden burst of energy, so great, can cause a vacuum effect when a spirit crosses from one realm to another and this was the reason why this had happened.  


After the evening’s events settled, we said our goodbyes, but my client asked me to hang on and ran upstairs to get the doll, “Take Lucy with you.” Whilst handing me the doll, begging me to take it with me, she was adamant the doll was the cause of the haunting. I took the doll not believing in it but I knew it would help my client move on. I planned to throw the doll in the bin, one that wasn’t mine or anywhere near my house. I have always been terrified of dolls to the point that I can’t touch them because they freak me out (like some people have a fear of clowns). But by the time I got home I wanted keep her and give her a good home, for some strange reason. Since having Lucy in my house, I have seen odd things out of the corner of my eye and experienced unfamiliar noises, but I have my eye on her and continue to do protection. I tell Lucy as long as she behaves herself, I will take her out on investigations with me so she can have her fun!