We recommend using headphones to listen to recordings so you can hear more clearly and block out any environmental noise

A privately owned house in Bracknell is extremely haunted and multiple spirits reside here, one being a dog. In 2012 we carried out an investigation, and one of the bedrooms was extremely active. I placed a voice recorder in the room and went downstairs. The recording labelled Dog barking was taken when I left the bedroom after setting up the voice recorder, but I didn't hear it at the time. You can hear me closing the stair gate behind me and I went downstairs and sat quietly for over 30 mins. Whilst sitting in the front room directly below the bedroom, with the voice recorder on, I could clearly hear activity above me coming from the room but no one was upstairs. This activity has been recorded. I have cut the recordings into sections leading up to captured EVP's. Apart from the first recording of the dog barking, no one is around. Every sound you hear of draws opening and closing, voices, are all paranormal, no one was in the room and no animals lived in the house. Reports of poltergeist activity, assaults and possession were all witnessed by myself. Unfortunately we were unable to make the spirits move on and the property is still extremely active today.

Dog yelping
Dog barking

Private Home, Bracknell

Is your name Frank?
Thank you, you're welcome
Is he a bad man?
Don't stop

We attended an investigation at The Kings Theatre in 2015 and began to do EVP's in the dressing rooms at the same time experimenting with dowsing rods. We received answers using the dowsing rods and also answers on the voice recorder.

1) An Investigator asked 'Are you female?' We had a response from what sounded like a female saying 'NO!'

2) We continued to ask questions and waited, then we captured an EVP saying 'DON''T STOP'

3. We asked another question 'How old are you?' and were told to 'GET OUT'

4) We asked, "Is there anything you would like to say before we switch it off?" and had a response saying "HELLO" and then a laugh.

5) We managed to get a direct response using the dowsing rods and asked 'Is he a bad man?' We then got a response saying 'SO QUAINT'

6) We asked 'Is your name Frank?' and got a response 'YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME.'

7) We thanked the spirits for communicating with us and in response captured 'YOU'RE WELCOME.'

Hello - laugh
Are you female?
Get out

King's Theatre, Portsmouth

Hurry up

These EVP's were captured while setting up an investigation at Fort Widley in 2015.

The first EVP labelled Debbie is a spirit saying my name, it's hard to hear due to the noise we are making but it can be heard like a whisper half way through the recording.

In the second recording labelled Hurry up I was calling out to the spirit asking, 'give me a sign if you don't want me to be here.' A reply can be heard telling me to 'hurry up.'


Fort Widley


Whilst attending a Reiki session, healers reported feeling the presence of their spirit guides who aid and assist in healing. I decided to take photos using my full spectrum camera as it captures images the naked eye cannot see. I wanted to see if I could capture proof of their claims. It wasn't until I downloaded the images that I could clearly see someone was standing behind one of the Reiki healers. At first glance you may think it's the healer's shadow, but take a closer look - why does the shadow figure seem to glow and why does it not match the healer's body form?


Anne Thomas's Circle

Fort Nelson - 1.jpg
Fort Nelson - 2.jpg
Fort Nelson - 3.jpg

We attended Fort Nelson on 28/07/2018 to do a private paranormal investigation and took photos using a normal digital camera (nothing fancy). We reviewed the photos the following day, thinking we hadn't really captured anything. It wasn't until recently, when gathering evidence for my website, I noticed something and took a closure look! Initially you're drawn to the wall on the right hand side, look more to the centre of the photo where you can see the back wall. Looks like a small child walking along the back wall with his hands in his pockets?


Fort Nelson

lady of the night 1.jpg
lady of the night2.jpg
lady of the night3.jpg

Whilst carrying out an investigation at Fort Widley on 25th August 2018, I started to take photos using a HD Full Spectrum Camera which captures images that your naked eye cannot see. I had my camera set to take three consecutive photos at a time. This allows me to detect any movements and to see if an image appears in all three photos.

The first photo out of the three shows a full face staring directly into the camera, second photo shows the face starting to lower as if to hide, the third photo shows the face still lowering and only capturing the top of the image. I did not see these images at the time I was taking them, it wasn't until I download them that I saw them.

I believe this to be a female spirit with her hair over to one side. There are reports of two female spirits who reside at Fort Widley, one being a Lady of the Night who was murdered by a soldier and the other said to be the wife of a soldier.


Fort Widley - Lady of the Night